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How to order?


Get in touch!

To understand you as a musician, I need to know how you will use your guitar, your preferances and your musical identity. This is the first step to order your next guitar. 


Choose your wood and features

I have woods of different appearance and qualities, and you have options. Do you want standard or special tuners? Do you want decorative purflings and marquetery? Do you need a case? 


Place order

In order to place your order, you pay up front 30% of the total amount. This payment covers cost of materials and secures your place in line. This payment is unrefundable in case you want to cancel your order later. 


Get updates from the process

I will make sure you recieve photos from the building process as it is coming along. You can also check updates here.



You are welcome to come visit my shop in Sandøya and get your guitar personally, but I can also ship it worldwide if you prefer. Final payment is made prior to delivery. 


Follow up

A big advantage of ordering a personal guitar is that if you get any issues or need adjustments, this will be taken care of by me. I follow up all my guitars to make sure they play like supposed to. This gives us both peace of mind. 

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