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These classical guitars are made with dedication, attention to detail, focus on timbrical response, quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. Each guitar is a unique piece, customizable to the needs of the guitarist. 

Order by contacting me through the form at the bottom of this page. I will propose a guitar based on what you tell me, and together we will agree on something special. It is easy.  Receiving a guitar particularly made for you is a great experience and something inspiring to your playing. I will share pictures so that you can follow the process. Waiting time varies from approx. 5-8 months.  Prices start at 4500,- Euros

If you do not want to wait I have already made guitars available. These are guitars made to test out new ideas, processes or materials, and can be bargains. Sometime I have used guitars for sale as well. I ship worldwide.


Availiable guitars are also possible to rent if you have a recording session or concert you need to do, or lease for a longer period of time. Contact me for details. 


Features and options:

o Responsive guitars with rich harmonics and attack. 

o Personally developed soundboard bracing pattern

o Low weight

o Standard or customized stringlength and neck meassurements

o Schellack finish

o Schaller (standard) or Scheller (optional) quality tuners

o Fine tuned action and compensated saddle

o Soundport with parchement rose cover (optional)

o Ergonomic details (optional)

o Spruce or cedar top 

o Hardcase (optional)

o More... 


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