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The guitars on this page are already made and for sale today! 

Contact me for details. I ship worldwide

fine handmade classical guitar for sale, cedar top


Responsive and complex guitar with a lot of sound. Projects very well in big rooms. Special features. Crafted by hand.

Cedar top and mongoy body. Soundport in upper side with a hand cut two layered parchment cover.  Spalted maple rosette. Neck is kaya mahogany with ebony fretboard, finished with oil so that it feels smooth and the thumb slides easily. 12 hole bridge in kingwood with compensated saddle. Broken top edges for right underarm rest and greater left-hand accessibility in high registers. 

French polished with shellack.

Machine heads: Schaller GrandTune with ball bearings. 


Warm and powerful guitar with nice sustain and color. Sober details. Low weight. Crafted by hand.


Norwegian spruce top and European walnut body. Rosette combines spalted ash and marquetry work in green, red and yellow. Bridge is rosewood with a compensated saddle and 12 holes for tying the strings with ease. Neck is Norwegian black alder  reenforced with a rosewood alma, fretboard ebony. String length 650mm. Width at nut 52mm. 

French polished with shellack.

Tuners: Schaller GrandTune Classic Hauser with internal ball bearings. Knobloch strings.


This guitar is used, but played little and in great condition. Responds well and has a warm and charming voice. It is a simple and uncomplicated guitar with a lot potential and made with quality timbers. Plays easily.

Slow grown cedar top and an intensely red padouk body. Curly maple bindings. Mahogany neck and ebony fretboard. Rosewood bridge with compensated saddle and 12 holes.

French polished body and oiled neck.

Tuning machines: Schaller GrandTune classic Hauser.

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